eMalaya brings about a highly innovative answer to one of the most urgent needs of the Service industry: the automation of Business Process Management and especially, of Project Governance. That’s why Analystik is proud to present this fully integrated web based software solution - the result of numerous years of research and development.

eMalaya: project management summit
Operational Management: Estimate, Project Management (Planning (Costs and Resources)), Timesheet, Communications, InvoicingTactical Management: Quality Management, Performance Management (FFP Estimate, Delivery, Dashboards (alarms and reports)), e-CollaborationStrategic Management: Project Portfolio Management


eMalaya empowers project managers and business leaders with better decision-making at the appropriate time; ensuring real-time improvement of project control, end-product quality and thus, profitability of the company.

eMalaya is an all-Web solution which capitalizes on Project Intelligence, right from estimate to invoicing and by way of costs, time and resource management, to provide business and project leaders with critical information and better control into their projects and also, to ensure perfect alignment with the business rules of governance.

eMalaya is in fact the major evolution of a time management application developed by Analystik in the mid-90s. Recently, the framework of this application has widened to encapsulate the simplification and automation of Business Process Management and Project Governance of a typical Service company.